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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0085

When Lilith lyapo wakes in a small white room with no doors or windows, she remembers a devastating war, and a husband and child long lost to her. She finds herself living among the Oankali, a strange race who intervened in the fate of humanity hundreds of years before. They spared those they could from the ruined Earth, and suspended them in a long, deep sleep. Over centuries, the Oankali learned from the past, cured disease and healed the world. Now they want Lilith to lead her people back home. But salvation comes at a price - to restor...
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Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 6474-0004

The stunning sequel to Parable of the Sower, the NEW YORK TIMES-bestselling novel. In order for me to understand who I am, I must begin to understand who she was. Asha was born into a broken world. There are many things she needs to know: how her country could embrace a violent, far-right President promising to make America great again, why they turned a blind eye to the suffering - and the truth about her mother. In her journals, Lauren Olamina tells of a great love divided between her young daughter, her community and the revelation that...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0090

We are coming apart. We're a rope, breaking, a single strand at a time. America is a place of chaos, where violence rules and only the rich and powerful are safe. Lauren Olamina, a young woman with the extraordinary power to feel the pain of others as her own, records everything she sees of this broken world in her journal. Then, one terrible night, everything alters beyond recognition, and Lauren must make her voice heard for the sake of those she loves. Soon, her vision becomes reality and her dreams of a better way to live gain the powe...
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Εκδότης: ΑΙΟΛΟΣ
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 0110-0375

Το 1976 η Ντέινα έχει μόλις κλείσει τα είκοσι έξι της και με του Κέβιν, του άντρα της, μετακομίζουν στο καινούργιο τους σπίτι, στο Λος Άντζελες. Ξαφνικά κι ενώ τακτοποιούν τα βιβλία τους, η Ντέινα χάνει τις αισθήσεις της. Όταν συνέρχεται, βρίσκεται στην άκρη ενός πυκνού δάσους και αμέσως αντιλαμβάνεται ότι στο ποτάμι που βρίσκεται δίπλα της πνίγεται ένα μικρό παιδί. Δίχως δεύτερη σκέψη βουτάει στο νερό και το σώζει, αλλά βγαίνοντας την περιμένει στην όχθη ένας άνδρας που τη σημαδεύει με το όπλο του. Κι ενώ κινδυνεύει η ζωή της, βρίσκεται κ...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0087

Lilith's son Akin looks like an ordinary child. His family live together on Earth, but not in complete peace. The Oankali saved humanity years before, compelled by the desire to create an extraordinary new race of children. But there are those who resist the Oankali and the salvation they offer. The first of his kind, Akin is more powerful than any other being. He understands the desire to fight for the independence of humanity. He also fears that, if left alone, humanity will destroy itself again. And when young Akin is stolen from Lilith...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0086

Blake Maslin is a doctor. In an alternate America marked by volatile class warfare, he and his twin daughters are taken captive by armed men demanding urgent medical care. In an isolated desert compound, the family encounter a collective of people suffering from an unknown and deadly disease. They appear sickly yet possess unnatural strength, torn between the dangerous compulsion to infect others or to hold on to their own humanity. In the following hours, Blake and his daughters each must make a vital choice: risk everything to escape inf...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0088

The baby's name is Mary, and her father is immortal. For thousands of years, Doro has pursued perfection, experimenting with humanity and seeking out rare - and powerful talents. His finest creation is Mary, a young black woman who grows up on the rough outskirts of Los Angeles. Doro knows he must handle Mary carefully or risk her ending like his previous experiments - dead, either by her own hand or his. What he doesn't suspect is that Mary is beginning to learn just how much power she wields. As she comes of age, Mary must harness her ne...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0089

A young girl wakes up in the woods, gravely injured and alone, with no memory of what happened or who she is. As Shori heals, she realises that she isn't like the people around her, which leads to a shocking discovery. She is a fifty-three-year-old vampire, and in terrible danger. To save herself, Shori must learn anew everything about the power and desires that she holds, the life that was stolen from her - and those who want her dead.(from the publisher)...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0067

Octavia E. Butler's 1979 masterpiece and ground-breaking exploration of power and responsibility, for fans of The Handmaid's Tale, The Power and Yaa Gyasi's Homegoing. With an original foreword by Ayobami Adebayo. In 1976, Dana dreams of being a writer. In 1815, she is assumed a slave. When Dana first meets Rufus on a Maryland plantation, he's drowning. She saves his life - and it will happen again and again. Neither of them understands his power to summon her whenever his life is threatened, nor the significance of the ties that bind them...
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Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 3773-0026

A perfect introduction for new readers and a must-have for avid fans, this New York Times Notable Book includes "Bloodchild," winner of both the Hugo and the Nebula awards and "Speech Sounds," winner of the Hugo Award. Appearing in print for the first time, "Amnesty" is a story of a woman aptly named Noah who works to negotiate the tense and co-dependent relationship between humans and a species of invaders. Also new to this collection is "The Book of Martha" which asks: What would you do if God granted you the ability - and responsibility...
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Εκδότης: ABRAMS
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 0011-0398

Winner of the 2018 Eisner Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium Octavia E. Butler's bestselling literary science-fiction masterpiece, Kindred, now in graphic novel format. More than 35 years after its release, Kindred continues to draw in new readers with its deep exploration of the violence and loss of humanity caused by slavery in the United States, and its complex and lasting impact on the present day. Adapted by celebrated academics and comics artists Damian Duffy and John Jennings, this graphic novel powerfully renders Butle...
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Εκδότης: HEADLINE (UK)
Κωδ. Πολιτείας: 1837-0048

On her 26th birthday, Dana and her husband are moving into their apartment when she starts to feel dizzy. She falls to her knees, nauseous. Then the world falls away. She finds herself at the edge of a green wood by a vast river. A child is screaming. Wading into the water, she pulls him to safety, only to find herself face to face with a very old looking rifle, in the hands of the boy's father. She's terrified. The next thing she knows she's back in her apartment, soaking wet. It's the most terrifying experience of her life ...until it ha...
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